Al Watan Engineering Consultancy is one of the remarkable companies in the consultancy field with team of talented professional designers, engineers, planners, project managers, Opinion Studies, and business consultants who are experienced in the field between 15 to 40 years.

Al Watan provides a diverse range of professional services to clients in different countries like: UAE, EGYPT, KSA, Oman, Kuwait and Middle East.

Positively, it is keeping the same frequency of projects currently and it is heading to exceed the expected number of projects within the coming decade. We study, solve, design and manage projects to provide our clients with impressive, logical and practical services under location following-up and supervising on the running projects.

We study the projects of our clients based on architectural and constructional analysis to increase the investors profit and decrease the cost not just on the short term but also on the long term according to the international and local standards and specifications.


To continuously improve its world-wide rating among the top architectural and engineering consulting firms, pioneer state of the art technological solutions and provide the best professional service value regardless of project size or profitability.


Our plan is to expand annually beyond boundaries in revenue and corporate size and To meet and exceed the quality standards of consultancy in the industry. We are considering safety and wellness of all, including our environment Our goal is to be competitive and raise the bar in the architecture industry.